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My name is Rachael and I am the face behind Hushh Kids.

I am an interior designer and while at a show in Paris 2 years ago for design, I came across the most gorgeous kids interior brands. Since then, I have always wanted to do something with it. But the usual story of too busy, then I had my 2nd baby and things just got busier. Until a pandemic hits the world and I had more time to think as I was at home and not out working constantly. I also wanted to try to keep positive and this was time to start this idea. This is when Hushh Kids was created.

I have been keeping in touch with some brands since Paris as it was an idea I had in my head and wanted to see what or if these brands would supply me. I have carefully hand picked any brands I have so far. I hope to build on these over the next 12 months and make Hushh kids a success in NI but also the hope that it will succeed internationally as well.

I suppose my passion comes from having boys. Same for my love of clothes. I have to search hard to find things I like for my boys. Go into any shop and there is aisles and aisles of girls clothes or accessories and if your lucky 1 aisle for boys. I always wondered why this was the case as there is so many beautiful boys things out there.

So i thought why not make it easier for us boy mamas when doing up nurseries, bedrooms and toy rooms. I did a little market research about 6 months ago just after having Alfie and most were in agreement that it is soo hard to find something different here.

Of course Hushh isn't about just boys. We cater for all children as there is so many pretty girl items out there and i loved picking them just as much. But that's just how my idea started.

A lot of our family call my 1st son, Bobby Bear so I wanted something in my logo personal to me and this was it.

My colours of teal and orange are neutral for boys and girls plus my little boy Bobby said to me while I was thinking of ideas "mummy can you help me mix teal to paint with" (he obviously listens to me while I'm designing homes ) so i had a lightbulb moment and thought, that's my colour. And that's how i came up with the ideas.

We hope as our brand builds online to sell, we can cater for all kids and supply items of fabric ,wallpapers, bedding, lighting, rugs, wall art and lots of accessories.

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Rachael, Bobby & Alfie


Thank you for shopping and supporting Hushh Kids. It means so much to us and our suppliers ♡

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