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10 things about Hushh you didn't know

10 things i bet you didn't know about Hushh Kids proprietor Rachael.

(and my name was probably 1 of them)

  1. I am 33, married to a dairy farmer and have 2 boys (aged 4 and 1) (pic below is sept 2019)

  2. I met my husband 10 years ago in 2010 when we hadn't a care in the world and used to love socialising every weekend.

  3. We met at Christmas time, got engaged at Christmas time and got married at Christmas time (19th December) we love the festive season and getting everyone together.

  4. My biggest influencer in life was my Granny H. she taught us what family meant, have fun but work hard. she passed away when i was 11 but left a huge part of her with us all.

  5. I love chinese food and chocolate (and a gin)

  6. I also have a little side hobby of baking cupcakes for friends, family and events (when i find the time)

  7. My favourite place for a holiday is America. We have been a few times and even done the West Coast for our honeymoon. We can't wait to be able to take our boys over.

  8. Our youngest boy was due on 9/9/19 . What were the chances? I had a section the week before but i suppose i could have asked for the 9th.

  9. Being a mummy to 2 boys i find it so difficult to get anything nice or as my oldest says 'cool' for boys including clothes and decor for their rooms. This is the main reason i set up Hushh Kids. After being at an Interiors show in Paris a few years ago, this was always my intention, they had so many gorgeous items I couldn't help myself and wanted to sell them here in N.I and worldwide.

  10. I am an interior designer and own a business in this. Hushh Kids Interiors is a lovely addition for me and doing what I absolutely love.

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