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3 Qualities in children, to use when decorating their space

1. Imagination

2. Creativity

3. Expression

Important to use these 3 qualities and include your kids if they are old enough to say what they like.

Kids imaginations run wild so just because they would love a superhero or princess bedroom today doesn't mean they will next year. Keep this in mind when starting. There is loads of ways to bring in those characters they love and then can be changed without changing the whole room.

the design for a kids room needs to serve a number of purposes

for a bedroom

or playroom

for relaxing

or study

and most importantly somewhere they feel safe and comfortable.

When they do go to bed after a busy day and their little minds are thinking about that day. Like adults. It needs to be somewhere they can relax and chill out.

Ideas can be:

Wall decor: Keep walls neutral and add wall stickers for 1 feature wall or a nice wallpaper to one wall. An idea to let your child express what they would like and come to an agreement between you both as you are the adult and will know what will last longer than pink paw patrol wallpaper.

Storage: make it fun and they they will want to tidy up after. a tidy room means their eyes wont be wondering when falling asleep. Check out our fun storage on our website.

Lighting: relaxing and dim. I know my boys love a nightlight. Keep it dim and even away from the bedside so they can't see the lamp or be looking directly at the light is a good idea too. This is why our nomadic lamps are so popular, they can rest on a shelf, or hang on the wall.

Soft furnishings: makes the room cosy and builds layers of texture for them to feel safe and in their own space and let them have a little input as to what they love. Also bedding can always be changed. When they are younger if they want a character bedding let them have it, its what they think is fun and again adds to their imagination and makes them feel safe that in their bedroom is a character they watch on tv or play with and look up to.

Corner of play: An area for playtime only and is separated from the room when it is nap time or bedtime. This is their space they can be creative and use imagination.

Furniture: My top tip is pick furniture that will last a long time and that you can keep when changing decor as they get older. If you want a kids piece when they are small as it matches their room, choose something makes a feature and will last at least 5 years in their room or can be handed down for the next child's room. Don't go too crazy on money with these as you will be left with them down the line. Also nice furniture adds to the ambience of the room and decor so choosing something to blend in will help a child also relax. Upcycling furniture is as good as buying new. there always a solution for all budgets.

For children that are older, it is also a good idea to do a mood board with them and let them see how their room will be. This gets them excited to have their own space to feel safe in at night time when drifting off to sleep. These are a few we have done for some clients since i began Hushh Kids in July.

At Hushh Kids we can help with all of the above. Kids rooms is our passion and we love to see a child's eyes light up when they walk into their new playroom or bedroom. Its the best feeling ever.

Message us at or on our website select the chat box to ask us any questions or help with your child's decor and in choosing products.

Rachael x

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