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An Insight to Play therapy

Hi my name is Krystle Thompson and I

Am the owner of Inner Child Play Therapy.

I am a passionate play therapist and a mummy of 3.

My role as a play therapist is to support children’s mental health. I support children from as young as 3 years old who have experienced any form trauma, may this be, bereavement, abuse, separation anxiety, bullying, low self esteem etc. Play

Is a Natural form of communication for

All children and it gives children the opportunity to process their feelings and emotions with a trained therapist.

I am passionate for all things play. In a world where life seems so fast, hectic and go go go. I goal is to support parents to slow down and remember to play that is why I created the wonderful 90 day parenting journal me myself parent & I.

I purchased the beautiful canopy from hush kids. It has taken home in my therapy room, were children who attend therapy make fantastic use. This canopy transforms into a home, a tent, a womb and sometimes a prison. It becomes more than just a canopy, it allows children to use their imagination and play out what they need to do.

Many parent have sat in my therapy room in the canopy to just become present and breath so it’s not just for the little kids.

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