Your child's world has never been as magical as now, when it is full of our soaring balloons. They are made with great attention to detail. 


5 Hot air balloons

3 sets of clouds

  • Care and Applying

    Stickers are secured with a special laminate that protects them from scratches during everyday use and also makes sticking easier. The film is thicker and easier to transform onto the wall.

    The stickers have the best adhesion on the walls painted with acrylic paints. paint with an oily composition will not work as well with the stickers.

    All you need to do is follow instructions, peel and apply to area.

    Items are sent in biodegradable tubes, resistant to damage, humidity and UV radiation


  • Dimensions

    5 Hot air balloons:  35cm x 25cm each

    3 sets of clouds:  25cm x 20cm

  • Pre-Order

    If an item is out of stock that you want, please message and we can add it to our pre-order list